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When I get a free moment, I'm reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

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"[A novel is] a paper where your thesis is that these people are real, and you have to prove it."

— Maggie Stiefvater (via beingascripturient)
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"I don’t like to talk about what hurts"

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I like to write it down until I burst,

and words come bleeding out of me

with no way to stop them

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Sits down to write a short story, writes a poem instead

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I’m so nervous! I’ve submitted my very short story and I know I should want to write for myself, and I do, but I also don’t wanna suck, and just blrgh

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I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

And its frustrating as all hell

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(by Jeka World Photography)

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I look up to cry the tears of the sky,

The gray pasture covering me in its familiar cold

I am crushed under the weight.

People would say to me, Stand up, you’re fine.

And I would try, Oh how I would try.

I would make it to my knees

To fall again;

All the time the whispers of You’re fine

Running through the back of my mind.

In front lies, See me, Save me.

But who can defend against the sky?

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I Wish You Could See

I wish you could see

The freckles you hate are the ones I love.

Those curls you try to straighten are the ones I can’t wait to see

The eyes you think no one could love are burned into my soul

I wish you could see

Those hands you think can do nothing are the ones I could spend eternity holding

That personality you hate is the one we are waiting to see what could be

These talents you think are useless are the ones I wish I had

I wish you could see

All these people who adore you

How badly they all want to set you free

But they don’t know how

I wish you could see

The pain I feel at each mark on your wrist

The marks on my soul are just as deep

I put you before myself and I can’t stand to see you in pain

I wish you could see

That every mark you leave on yourself

Leaves an even bigger hole in me

No matter how you try to hide it

I wish you could see

Every time you push me away

Leaving me standing helplessly

Causes me to bleed

I wish you could see

The disappeaing scars on my wrist

Despite what you believe

I know what it’s like

I wish that you could see

And smell and hear and taste and feel

Just how much I love you

Maybe then, you’d let me in

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